All that you need to know about data recovery

The best technique for storing data in the modern society is through the redundant ray system which basically stands for an array of independent disks. It was establish back in 1987 and is the most preferred method of storing data that is able to separate duplicate information from a series of disks.

The greatest advantage with RAID technology is the fact that it tends to improve reliability in that data storageby creating a series of disks where data is stored. This implies that if one drive fails then the data is still protected since it is stored on another drive in the array. The redundancy is just put in place in order to ensure that you are protected against loss of information.

Technical problems

RAID data storage is never 100% safe as the systems is sometimes known to encounter failure. Some of the problems that might result in failure include;

  • Power usage
  • Computer viruses
  • Physical damage i.e. water, fire or impact damage
  • Controller failure
  • Multiple drive failure
  • Occasional failure
  • Incorrect configuration of drives

In case of RAID failure then it can be very catastrophic for your business. This goes without saying that the best defense mechanism against RAID data failure is backing up your system. However this does not mean that you should not rely on the relative safety of raid data recovery.

Whenever you experience loss of data or system failure then you have two options. Its either you purchase raid data recovery software or you hire the services of a professional. The data recovery software will be able to access your hard drives and provide repair to potential problems provided that there are no physical problems.

Factors to consider

There are certain things that you need to protect yourself from when it comes to data recovery. These items include backing up your data regularly. Tests your systems ability to recover data in case of failure. You should make sure that your system is replaced in case of failure and make sure that the replacement has been pretested in order to fully conform to your system specifications.

Whenever RAID system has incurred corrupted file system then it is not recommended to rebuild as this will do more harm than good.Don’t try to be smart and try different solutions to recover your data especially if you are not good with data recovery technology. Better hire a professional.

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