Become a professional DOTA2 booster with your extraordinary skills and strategies

The gaming industry has grown so big that nowadays players with high-level skills are making a successful career on streaming websites. If you are also packed with skills of ramming up the noobs as well as other pro-players then you can become a professional booster. You can visit https://dota2-boost.comwhere you can drop your request with your skills of DOTA 2. A professional DOTA booster has to boost the MMRs of the registered customer’s accounts. That means you will be earning money by playing your favorite game.

This exciting profession demands a few thresholds and requirements that are discussed below:

  • To become a professional DOTA booster, you need to have an account with more than 6000 MMR. You will be verified thorough processes, so make sure that you can prove that you own that particular account.
  • You have to follow the rules and regulations of the gameplay while boosting the customer’s account. Also, if you are pro then these rules won’t affect your game and strategies as they are not that hard or interruptive.
  • You have to follow the manner’s guidelines while playing on your assigned customer’s account like you cannot flame them or talk to other players unless you are allowed to. If you won’t abide by the manner and instruction then you might get banned.
  • Just like the usual working hours, you will also have to pay for a maximum of 8 hours a day whenever you will be assigned an order. So, make sure that you can play for that much hours.

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