Beyond System Management: What Your IT Support Company Seattle Can Do For You

You’re already enjoying the fruits of outsourcing your day-to-day IT needs to a reliable partner. Along with providing this basic support, there are a few other things that the right it support company Seattle will do. If you look at the service agreement that’s currently in place, you may even find some special pricing for some of those additional services. Keep these in mind when and as you need help that’s outside the box.

Training New Employees

Your IT partner won’t be in on the basic job training or going over company policies or procedures. When it comes time to get more familiar with the software that your employees use, that’s when the professional will spring into action. This support comes in handy when a new hire is familiar with an older version of an office suite, a sales database, or whatever else, but needs to be brought up to speed on the latest version. The IT partner’s help with this part of the process reduces the learning curve and allows the new employee to be productive in a shorter amount of time. 

Researching Possible Upgrades to Software

Speaking of software, the programs in use right now will only serve the purpose for so long. The day will come when you need to replace each one with a newer version or maybe a different program altogether. As your partner, the IT professional will understand the needs of the company well. That makes it all the easier to evaluate the latest releases of current programs and compare them to what similar software has to offer. After reporting the findings to you, it will be easier to determine if upgrading to a new version is best, or if making a change to something different would be in the best interests of the company. 

Preparing Devices for Use at Trade Shows

Exhibiting at trade shows or conventions is no longer a matter of setting up a table of brochures and adding a few giveaways to attract attention. Videos and different types of interactive gadgetry are great ways to get people to stop, talk, and possibly provide their contact information. You’ll need various types of devices to create this type of visual interaction. 

Professionals with your IT support company Seattle can help you with everything from creating looped presentations, preparing monitors or other ways to display the images, and even making sure that a tablet or phone can be used to discreetly control the visuals and audio. The result is something that does catch the eye, engage others, and pave the way for collecting qualified leads. 

Recommending and Setting Up New Hardware

It’s not just a matter of helping you decide what to do about software. Your IT professional can also compare different options for hardware. That includes new company servers, phones for your employees, and possibly replacing aging laptops with tablets. Once the research is done, the findings are turned over to you. That makes it a lot easier to settle on solutions that will serve the business well. 

These are only a few of the special projects that your IT outsource partner can handle. Do you have something coming up that needs attention? Talk with your partner and go over the ways that he or she can help. You may be surprised at what the team brings to the table. 

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