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It is an undeniable fact that smartphones are an integral part of a person’s everyday life. And it does make sense that if you try to take advantage of the scenario and work on the applications which allows you to stay more focused and engaged with other people. In the health care organization, the ability to use the advent messaging apps has been proven really beneficial and it does make sense as well. The capability of HIPAA compliant texting application enables the healthcare provider to send the text to the patients if they have provided their contact details.

Though, the patient is required to express their consent that the healthcare provider can send the text subjected to PHI and under HIPAA restrictions only. The need for filling the separate form for providing consent is no longer required. You are allowed to send text to patient if you have their number.

Secure Messaging Solutions Applicable Under

If the patient has provided their cell number, then you are liable to send the texts regarding:

  • Lab test results
  • Healthcare instructions for home
  • Follow up calls post-discharge
  • Reminders about appointments
  • Instructions provided about pre-registration

Automating Reduction of No-Show Patients 

It is a very common scenario where patients book the appointment with the doctor but due to many reasons, they sometimes won’t able to show up. This may cause inconvenience to the doctor and so to reduce the occurrence of such scenario it is best to use the Text appointment reminder which helps in preventing the last-minute cancellation and no-show from the patients. It is the much better way to deliver the care which patient-centric and also a much easier way to set up communication with them. The front-desk time got freed up and by sending them friendly, customized texts for reminder and follow-up calls tends to lower the time of spending the time on call.

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