Express Your Feelings By Using These 5 Emojis

When communicating in person, sometimes you can’t show your true feelings or reveal you’re real personality. Emotions are connected to reactions and behavior. If you have a hard time expressing your emotions or show people your genuine personality, you can do this by sending emojis.

An emoji is made and based on real facial expressions of people. The emojis can do the revealing of emotions by showing gestures and faces. In this article, we will dwell on emojis that represent what you want to portray or show to people.

The Baby Angel Emoji

The baby angel emoji has a cute face of a baby with wings and a golden halo on top of its head. This emoji can explain your personality to other people. Although there are other meanings that people can say about this emoji, we will focus more on the other description related to personality, character, and feelings.

Nowadays, people can explain themselves by using or sending emojis to others. Baby angel emoji can mean that you are innocent. Having a baby with angel features makes you more innocent than ever. If someone asks you if you are a badass or not, send them this emoji, and they will quickly understand that you have this kind of vibe or personality. 

The Pinched Fingers Emoji

If you want to emphasize what you are feeling or something that you are explaining to someone, adding this emoji can make it seem that you are serious about things you are talking about. It’s also worth noting that in Italy, Italians use pinched fingers in real life whenever they stress something when they talk. 

This hand gesture emoji is also used when asking questions or being curious about something, and you are questioning in an angry tone. The pinched fingers emoji also shows that your patience is getting shorter and shorter.

The Smiling In Love Emoji Or The Smiling Emoji Surrounded With Hearts

This emoji is newly created, and many people have been using this ever since it was released. Many use this in different situations, but what does it mean? The Smiling in love emoji or as what other people describe it, “the smiling emoji with hearts,” is an emoji where you can comfortably show others that you feel loved

This emoji is surrounded by four floating tiny red hearts and has a face that seems to blush. You can send this emoji whenever you feel romance, or you love someone deeply. You can also use this to convey what you feel towards a place, a situation, a person, animals, and even sentimental objects.

The Drooling Emoji

If you love food or you want to invite your friends to eat out or at your place, you can send a variety of food emojis to them together with the drooling emoji. This drooling emoji facial expression will signal that you are planning on eating or craving something.

This emoji shows the feeling of delight and your desires. Whenever you see something that you like, whether it is food, cars, house, and you want to show how badly you want them, you can use the drooling emoji.

The Solid Red Heart Emoji

Sending or receiving hearts, whether it is in the other shade of colors; a heart is still a heart, it will always symbolize like or love for someone. But a red heart can mean so much more. If you love a person, but you can say the words “I Love You,” you can send them red hearts, and it will automatically mean you love them. The emoji will be a proxy to convey what you feel.

If you want to make someone’s day by showing or making them feel loved, you can send solid hearts. Expressing love to someone is hard, especially when you are shy, but sending emoji can help you easily explain what you are feeling or what you want to say. Hearts can be sent to your partner in life, family, friends, and other people close to your heart.


Emojis come in handy and are best whenever you need to convey your feelings to other people. If you don’t want to type or write what you feel, you can use emojis, and it would be easily understood. It is some sort of replacement to express yourself quickly without you getting pressured on how to explain. 

There are many emojis out there, but these emojis are often used by people who find it hard to find words to describe what they feel. Learning about the meaning behind an emoji can help you maximize the usage emojis to an extent wherein you are free to express whatever you want. This article showed you five emojis and the interpretations behind each of them.

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