How much does a good SEO service cost?

A good search engine optimization service cost is ascertained depending on what are the goals of the organisation. Usually, a good search engine costs significantly and depending on the expertise of the team and requirements.

Retainers which are monthly and pricing model:

The cost and the pricing model and cost increases with the requirement of the organisation.


If you are a local company that has limited competition and your website is very small you should look out before buying a service which costs less than $500 every month.  Most organisations in this segment usually automate a lot of work on building links, content is outsourced overseas and the on-site team does basic work.

This might work for small pizzerias who are looking to move up the listing if you are looking for advanced work and enter into keyword competition you should look up for SEO courses.

$1,000 – $5,000/month

Companies who are small with medium or low competition and whose websites are less complicated can get their work done at this cost. You have to understand that the work done will have limited quality and does not bear proven results. It is important for a good SEO service to provide consistent quality of content creation, link building of high quality and a very good focus on conversions, accessibility and usability.

It is difficult to find all these services at one place unless you find an agency which provides all these services at a reasonable price and holds the experience as well.


With this kind of budget, you can find quite established agencies with a good track record of success in a competitive market of SEO service providers. At this price point, you can even hire a dedicated SEO team which can comprise of experienced editors, content managers, specialists, web development experts and analytics experts who can help you achieve success and give you desired results you need.


Budget plays a big role for companies who have ambitious goals and in order to achieve that partnering with an SEO partner can help you manage the whole process from scratch. An SEO partner can help you build reliable systems and everything can bear substantial and desired results. With this price point, you can hire senior and experienced SEO experts who can deliver as per the requirements.

You can easily avail all types of SEO service in Atlanta with a variety of search engine optimization price points.

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