Leverage Content Marketing To Boost Email Marketing Campaign Performance

To retain current customers and acquire new customers, email marketing has always been a method – You send people direct messages hoping you can build up their trust and visibility of your brand. More important, you want the people who have received your message to eventually become your loyal customers by repeatedly buying your products. You should not underestimate the real power behind a properly set up and executed email marketing campaign, even though email marketing may not seem like the most glamorous type of digital marketing channel. Email marketing and marketing automation tool Sendinblue would be one of the great choices to fulfill the proper setup as well as marketing automation.

You can create the most attractive emails with subject lines that would generate relatively high click through rate. But first you will need to get people into your email lists – One such channel/method is through doing content marketing, which is a long term effort.

The major reasons to spend your effort to build your content marketing campaign include:

  • Content marketing is at least 60% less expensive than outbound marketing in terms of overall cost.
  • B2B companies that have doing well with internet marketing, would often have implemented successful content marketing campaigns, and would have a long term vision for it.
  • Content marketing is expandable. Each new content marketing campaign that you launch may leverage from a previous campaign that you have rolled out. The effort is usually highly accumulative.
  • Content marketing is not just about digital marketing, more importantly it allows your business to build up industry/niche reputation and authority.
  • Content marketing is about nurturing your prospects. The end goal is to get them to buy your products.

Marketers and small business owners must be patient with content marketing and understand that caveat include:

  • It takes time to build up the actual content. For example a blog article takes one writer (who understands your niche) a day to write. A video that explains one of the techniques of your product may take up to a week to create. It may take three days to make an infographic because you spend two days gathering the required data and have it re-organized and re-written, and your designer takes a day to design the image.
  • It takes time for your target audience to “stick”. Nowadays you cannot simply only publish five blog posts and expect people to remember and come back to your newer content. You need to keep doing it as long as your small business exists and is required to acquire new customers. You may have to do it for at least for one whole year, or in some cases for a few years.

Then it is now the time to combine all your content marketing materials with your email campaigns and automation campaigns.

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