Nintendo Switch RCM loader buying guide, is the sx pro the best ?

You may have heard of the Nintendo Switch jailbreak, and even your friend has cracked his console, thanks to some kind of tool called Switch rcm loader. The most famous is the Xecuter SX Pro, of course, there are some other similar products such as r4s dongle or acens pro, then if you want to try Switch crack to play free games, which rcm loader dongle is the best choice?

Xecuter SX Pro or sx gear dongle, the first hack tool of the world

There are many Switch modchips for you to choose, R4S Dongle, AceNS launcher, SX Pro, SX Gear and other cheaper clones, for any newbie, the SX Pro is the best choice, it can boot SX OS CFW on your Switch with drag&drop way, then you can play free games, homebrews, and expand Switch storage to 3 or 4TB with the support for External USB Device including the HDD.

SX Pro is the world first Nintendo Switch hacking tool and alos a complete kit which includes sx os license, sx pro dongle (or sx gear if sold separately)and sx jig. It’s the sx gear which serves as a rcm loader.

SX Gear features: 

  • It’s compatible with the SX OS code and the third-party payload.
  • Support booting any CFW payload on Switch to run free custom firmware.
  • Enable loading SX OS CFW on different Switch consoles to play free games and run homebrews.
  • Lower price with the same quality SX Pro dongle and jig.
  • Plug and play, once you get the OS code or third-party payload.
  • Continuous support from Team Xecuter.

R4s Switch dongle, the most cheap switch rcm loader

The R4S Dongle is a cheaper but bigger USB-C dongle to use on Nintendo Switch for injecting RCM payloads to boot into custom firmware. It allows users to hack Nintendo switch with loading custom firmware such as SX OS or Atmosphere or ReiNX, so users can play free Nintendo Switch games in .NSP or .XCI format. Of course, homebrew is supported too.

R4s dongle features

  • Works on any firmware from any regions(for unpatchable unites, it can’t work)
  • Easy-to-use dongle for booting homebrew loader or custom firmware including SX OS
  • Support third-party payloads
  • Support most of NSP games and many XCI games.
  • No need to open your console or make any modifications
  • Fully updatable using simple drag-and-drop operation

Rcm loader one, the latest switch third-party dongle

This is a fully optimized RCMloader zero so called rcm loader one. According to the official site: The power supply part is changed from capacitors to a lithium battery, and the standby time of full power is up to 3 months.
The payload management continues the convenient and quick U disk mode of the previous generation. The access computer is immediately recognized as a U disk, and can be updated by copying and pasting. The appearance is redesigned and the RCMclip can be loaded into the injector while the volume is reduced.

The device surprised by its minimalism and small size. It should be noted that it is compatible with all manufactured Nintendo switches manufactured until June 2018 and is capable of storing up to 6 different payloads. To do this, we simply connect it to the computer and it will recognize it as any pendrive or USB hard drive.

RCM loader features

  • Compatible with every SWITCH console released before June 2018.
  • Support for payload.bin injection file.
  • Built-in Atmosphere, ReiNX and SXOS payload files, one-button changing payload.
  • Built-in Li-on battery, 1000 times inject with 1 hour charging time.
  • Easy to manage, connect to a computer or mobile phone automatically recognized as a USB flash drive. (Drag-and-drop payload.bin)
  • Excellent compatibility for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android operating system.

AcensPro, a simple clone of sx pro

AceNS pro Loader is the modchip for users to inject SX OS/Atmosphere/REINX payloads and boot into Custom Firmware on Nintendo Switch. It is built-in with 3 payloads, supports up to 6 payloads and you can switch the payloads by pressing the button on AceNS dongle. It includes one AceNS Dongle, one Jig, and a micro USB cable. It is easy to use and you just need to download the files for the payload you selected.

  • Compatible with all firmwares and all regions on every Nintendo Switch released before June 2018.
  • Supports playing games: With AceOS you can play all your favorite games straight off of the microSD card or your external storage device.
  • Supports External Hard Drive: AceOS supports the use of an external hard drive or flash drive via the USB port of the Dock so you can easily access your entire
    collection at the press of a button
  • Supports Emunand: AceOS supports EmuNAND and it is easy to set up and works directly from your MicroSD card.
  • Supports Cheats: Power up all of your favorite games with a complete cheat support system.
  • Supports Homebrew games: Using AceOS homebrew menu launcher you can enjoy all the quality games and software created by independent developers.

Buying guide of switch rcm loader, sx gear vs r4s dongle vs acens pro vs rcm loader one

There is a fact beyond doubt: No matter the R4s dongle, or the AceNS loader or any other cheap payload injector for Nintendo Switch, they are all the copy versions of SX Pro. These products are all originated from SX Pro dongle, but they are not able to hack Team Xecuter’s SX OS, all these dongles are just the empty, bigger and low-quality SX Pro.

Although, you can still buy a regular rcm loader to install other CFWs other than sx os, such as atmosphere, reinx, but if you want to use the best CFW, then it is recommended to choose sx pro switch set, please don’t use other third party dongle to install SX OS CFW you may get banned because of compatibility.

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