Online YouTube Downloaders Available For MacOS Users

An online YouTube downloader site will do all the hard work for you. They convert the video for you and give you a link to download it. There’s no need to install any software when you can download YouTube online. It might take a little longer depending on the video in question and what quality you want – a two-minute movie trailer can be up to 50MB when it’s in 1080p – but the convenience of a YouTube video downloader online is hard to beat.

There are times when you may run into trouble with downloading through an online resource. Sometimes the website can run into problems caused by temporary internet files kept on your computer and you have no idea how to remedy the situation. There could also be problems related to your server, but this is one issue that can’t be solved.

If you’re looking to avoid the problems related to YouTube downloader online websites then it’s worth using a third-party app.

Alternative to YouTube online downloader websites on Mac

  1. Airy

Airy comes with its own brilliant methods for saving YouTube videos and music directly to the hard drive of your Mac. The Airy app is able to download an entire playlist or channel from YouTube with a single little click adds a brilliant function to your browser. Airy allows users to save videos as MP3 files as well as MP4 files to extract only the sound from a YouTube video.

How do I download a video from a link?

  1. Start out by downloading the app from the website. Airy allows for two free downloads. Activate the full version if you want all the features.
  2. Open up the main menu and find the button to integrate Airy with your browser.
  3. Bookmark the link Airy provides you.
  4. Click the link when you see a file that you wish to save.
  5. Choose the format of the video and download it.

Why is Airy better than an Online YouTube Downloader?

  • Extract the MP3 from a YouTube video.
  • Download a long YouTube video.
  • Download an entire playlist or channel through the URL.
  • Download a private YouTube video.
  • Download an age-restricted YouTube video.
  • Easily manage your downloaded YouTube videos.
  • Download the subtitles of a video.
  • Download 60FPS YouTube videos.

You’ll have no trouble finding a website to download YouTube videos online, given that there are hundreds of them out there. They’ve got names such as GrabClip, FLVto, SaveFrom, KeepDownloading,, GetVideo, TubeOffline, etc. These sites can quickly become suspicious, particularly when they get popular. If you get a warning about a website – whether from your browser or your instincts – it’s time to move o to a different one. Here are some of the best and most trusted ways to download YouTube online.

2. works as you would expect. Give the website a URL for a video and then it allows you to download the video in a range of formats, whether you need video or audio. Edit the video by manually choosing a starting and ending point if you want. ClipConverter supports a range of websites including YouTube and Vimeo. There’s also a browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. does have a filer that prevents users from downloading copyrighted video.


You need something simple, and is simplicity itself. Paste in the URL, choose a format to convert (despite the name you can choose video, but the default is MP3), and even adjust the volume if necessary. Click the convert button and you’re good to go. The website offers a bookmarklet you can use to convert videos through the service whenever you want.

4. KeepVid

KeepVid will automatically detect different video quality options and allow you to choose the version you want. You’re also able to download only the audio from a video if you wish. The basic functions in KeepVid are free, but keep in mind that only Pro subscribers have access to the highest quality video and MP3 downloads.

KeepVid is still a worthy addition to your bookmarks despite these limitations because it is so fast and simple to use. While you may feel that you are missing out because you can’t download a video in 1080p, it generally won’t matter much.

5. Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is another website that’s easy to use. This service can download YouTube videos in seven audio and video formats. That means that it doesn’t matter what device you intend to watch/listen to your downloads o, and no matter what you want to use the video for (within reason) you’ve got the options to match.

Being able to download in such a wide range of formats isn’t the only strength of Online Video Converter. The app is also able to download from a whole host of supported sites outside of YouTube including Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

This was a look at some of the best online YouTube downloaders for Mac. Take a look through the best, try them out, and choose the right one for you.


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