Should I Repair My Phone’s Broken Screen or Buy a New Phone?

It has happened!!! Your phone’s screen is broken. You probably sat on it accidentally or dropped it inadvertently and now you are faced with two inevitable choices. You either buy a new one or take your broken phone to a Kissimmee screen repair shop to have it fixed.

In some cases, it is a simple cut and dry situation. You were probably planning to buy a new phone all along or the cost of repairing the screen is simply too high and you’d rather have a new one instead. There are a number of factors that will influence your decision to get a repair or simply change the phone. We have discussed some of them in a bid to assist you in making a decision.

Do you really need a new phone?

Buying a new phone might seem like a really logical idea. But following the old philosophy that things are not always as they seem, maybe you should take a second look at your decision and be really sure if you should let go of your old device already.

New isn’t necessarily better

Now, this sounds like a really illogical thing to say. But when you think about it there is some sense to it. Let us assume you decide to buy a new phone. There is a chance you might end up not liking it as much as your former phone. Let’s face it, some of us love our device so much that it has become some sort of extension of ourselves. In the long run, it isn’t about the quality of the phone itself but about your attachment to it. “Well, maybe I’ll just buy the same type of phone or even a better one.” That sounds like a valid plan, which brings us to the next point.

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Can you afford a new phone?

In most cases, the cost of repair is always way less than the cost of buying a new phone. How much money you have will influence your decision to either buy or repair your broken screen. Sometimes you might have enough to buy a new phone but not enough to buy a better one. In this case, buying a new phone may end up being more of a downgrade than an upgrade for you. This further re-emphasizes the fact that new isn’t always better. So what should you do?

Compare the cost of repair to the cost of buying a new phone

Sometimes repairing a phone might be costly too. In fact, it can be so costly that you might start having second thoughts about it. If the cost of repairing your broken phone is close to what you would need to buy a better phone or something in the range of your current device it makes sense to just buy a new one. Another smart move is to consider how much you can make from selling the broken device and how much you will need to add to it if you wanted to buy a new one. If you can afford it, then buying a new phone isn’t such a bad idea. Especially if this next point applies to you.

Good riddance

We’ve talked about people who love their phone too much to let go of it. But what about those who are just indifferent about it. Sometimes a broken screen is just one issue among the hoard of possible issues your device might be having. If your phone is already too old or you were considering changing it even before the screen got broken, you might be more than eager to simply let it go.

But it is also possible that all of these isn’t even a factor for you. Sometimes getting a new phone or repairing an old one is just a matter of convenience.

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How convenient is it?

You have to consider how much time it would take to fix your broken screen too. Are you willing to wait that long? This could be a major influential factor. But don’t think buying a new phone is that simple and convenient too. You will have to set up the new device too, install all the apps, and possibly transfer all your old files to the new phone among other necessary settings. If you think all of these are just as convenient as repairing your phone then why not, go ahead and buy a new one.


At the end of the day, after analyzing all of these factors you should be able to make a decision on which course of action to take. Most times it’s just a question of costs and convenience. Think long and hard about it, consider your options, and make a wise decision.

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