The Advantages Of A Dedicated Server

The dedicated server services [บริการ dedicated server which is the term in Thai] are a computer server hosting only the websites of the person who administers it. He is therefore opposed to the shared server. Indeed, this type of web hosting allows the same customer to access all the resources available on the machine independently. For this purpose, the dedicated server offers very interesting advantages. We can note the total autonomy of the customer by having the possibility to manage the whole machine and programs, as well as the sites he installs.

Indeed, it is possible to install on a dedicated server all client applications, as it sees fit. Compared to any other web hosting mode, it offers exceptional performance and a higher level of security.

Despite its often high cost, it is, however, very economical, avoiding the order of several shared server packs.

In addition, it offers the client the ability to customize the web environment and also to improve the server according to specific needs. For this, rent a server [เช่า server which is the term in Thai] is mainly reserved for websites with high traffic and even transactional websites. This solution is intended for sites with a large audience and dynamic content.

So, When Is It Advisable To Hire A Dedicated Server

As a web hosting company with extensive experience in the sector, dedicated servers are always the ideal choice for web pages, online stores, or any digital platform that requires extensive capabilities. That is, for example, for companies that has their software with data that is managed publicly or privately, or online stores with numerous visits and large sales volume.

In the same way, it is advisable to hire a dedicated server when it comes to projects whose forecast is to grow a lot. Since the first moment, they are ensuring the provision of web hosting that will generate limitations in the medium or long term.

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