Traffic Rider APK

Hey guys!! Do you like to ride a bicycle through the traffic with a maximum speed that you can try? Do you like to have different riding experience with different motorbikes? And are you an owner of an Android device? Then here you go. You can download a fantastic game Traffic Rider Apk in your android too from the Google Play Store. If you download this Traffic Rider in your android, I am pretty sure that you will be able to have an endless and a marvelous experience of riding a motor bike through the traffic. You can spend your leisure time with more fun with this Traffic Ride. You can use any third party app stores like AC Market to download this game, if you are unable to download this via play store.

Features of Traffic Rider Apk

  • Here you are offered with the first-person experience of the motor bike. You can be there behind the handlebars of the motor bike. If you press the right handlebar then you can accelerate your motor bike and if you press the left handlebar you can stop the bike. If you are, in need of tilting your bike from side to side then you have to tilt you’re playing device. This game is very easy to play. You have to ride your bike through the traffic while earning some cash and scoring.
  • Here no need to worry about the upcoming turns because there are only straight highways for you to ride in your motorbike.
  • As well as you are offered with different riding experiences by providing chance to ride through various detailed environments and in different times including day, night, morning etc.
  • You can have 29 different motorbikes through your journey. At first you have to start from the lowest power bike. Then through your journey you can earn points and cashes. Thereby you can have access to more powerful bikes. You may get addicted to this fantastic game Traffic Rider Apk.
  • If you want to score more points than you have to ride faster. If you are going to overtake a car closely while driving in more than 100 km per hour, then also you can have more points.
  • You may be pleased to see the simple and attractive graphics and also the sounds in the Traffic Rider Apk are recorded sounds of real motor bikes.
  • The career mode of the Traffic Rider Apk offers more than 20 missions to play. You can have online leaderboards and more than 30 achievements.

The Traffic Rider Apk is available on 19 languages and you have to pay a small amount to have this nice game in your android. If you also want to have a great riding experience then hurry and download Traffic Rider Apk in your android too.

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