What Can a Reverse Phone Lookup Tell You?

Whether you do a reverse phone lookup free or use a more advanced one using a service like Been Verified, you’re pretty much guaranteed the results will include the name of the person to whom the phone number belongs to. Beyond that, the amount of information will vary from service to service. The most comprehensive reports, like those from CheckThem, will reveal:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Address and email address
  3. Social media profiles
  4. Marital status and profession
  5. Education
  6. Employment history
  7. Location history

Of course, once you’ve got the results of a reverse phone lookup, you can upgrade to a comprehensive background report and find out a person’s criminal history, history of property ownership, past bankruptcies and much more.

Can I Do a Reverse Phone Lookup Free?

There are reverse phone lookup free services available that should at least give you the caller’s name, but not all even manage that. Using a random cellphone number, we tried a free reverse phone lookup service and the only results it was able to provide was that the phone number belonged to someone in Boston!

The fact is, this information was much more limited than we could glean from a Google search, which revealed both the name and email address of the caller and the name of the company he works for. This suggests that some free reverse phone lookup services are purely there to lure you into performing a paid search using an online background check service.

The biggest problem with free reverse phone lookups is that, like other free background check services, resources tend to be limited, meaning the end results aren’t as detailed or as informative as the reports produced by reputable background check companies like BeenVerified and Checkthem.

Not only is much of the information accessed by background check companies buried in the deep web and not readily available using a standard search engine, but some sites require an account verification before you can access the information. In some instances, payment is required before the information can be handed over.  As a result, although some free reverse phone lookups may give you a name, spending a small amount on a one-off report, or slightly more on a subscription, with one of the best background check services makes perfect sense.

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