What Does It Mean To Create An Lido Learning Environment?

In a world where everything around us is continually changing technology, health, and finance make leaps and bounds. Education has remained unapologetically drafted from classroom muster textbooks. Our teaching methods remained the same well, forever for the kids; the faster everything else becomes more exciting, the sooner they lose interest in the simple wonder of it all learning until now, introducing Lido. That is where Lido comes in.

The Lido has been a startup since June 2019 founded by Sahil Sheth. They currently cater to students from standard 4 to standard 8: Lido, The learning doorway, your gateway to an incredibly immersive learning experience. A combination of dynamic content and powerful technology in live classrooms gives our teachers everything they need to deliver a stimulating lesson, so you take away learning’s you will never forget every child or leader walks down their learning pathway.

Pathways that adapt and build themselves based on the needs of each individual imagine a unique classroom is constantly evolving just for you and each of these pathways come together to form a community of like-minded learners who learn and encourage each other to learn 260million classrooms for 260 million children that is our vision Lido the learning doorway. Since its inception, the Lido has managed to penetrate Tire II and Tire III cities with admirable success of the concept of Lido.

Why Lido Classes?


Your child wants to be a coder, problem solver, writer, entrepreneur, creative thinker, or leader? Lido learning has the perfect program for you. Lido learning is India’s best interactive live class.


So what’s the secret behind Lido classes and Lido learning?

  • Just 6 Students per class with the top 0.1% of teachers.
  • A Curriculum designed by IIT, Harvard & Stanford alumni
  • You learn through the project, Discussion, and games.
  • An unlimited video library & personalized quizzes
  • The Lido offers live classes, Interactive content over the website.
  • Lido covers both ICSE & CBSE syllabus.

Collect gems as you learn and unlock smart phones master classes & family holidays, and for our super parents, track progress at every step. With the backing of Arihant Patni, Ronnie Screwvala & Ananth Narayanan Lido are all set to create a storm in the Indian Edtech Space. Get ready to see your child score better marks and become a leader. Every child can change the world with the Lido class.



Since the online classes are offered from an online provider there is no need to travel to a school for classes, there are no transportation costs associated with the classes and there are no trips to the library to review books. This makes it easy for parents to work around a busy schedule. And learn at their own pace and the skills that are relevant to their children’s needs. One of the best platforms to enhance the iq level of children to make them mentally strong with lido learning.

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