What is IPTV and how to set it up?

How does an IPTV system work?

An IPTV system is used to deliver video content from one end to the other end using high-speed internet. You can be at any place around and still be able to subscribe to a Finnish IPTV. This worldwide accessibility is the primary factor for the increase in popularity for the services. The content head will be the server for the entire system and there will be no middlemen. All the video content, either those programs brought from producers or the programs made by the IPTV service providers, will be stored in a database at the content hub. Once a user downloads an IPTV app and requests for a subscription, he can be able to select a movie or a program to watch. This will be sent as a request to the content hub. The server will search for the specific program in the database and will encode it by separating into tiny data packets that are capable of transferring to the user end without any loss of quality. Then the media player or the setup box installed at the user’s place will receive the data packets and start decoding them to produce the original video content. Then the telecasting device connected with an internet connection will start to telecast the program. If the network is better, the user can view the program without any buffer at high resolution.

How to set up an IPTV system?

Step 1 – You should install an IPTV app downloadable from the internet

Step 2 – After downloading the app, you should look for an IPTV service provider and buy a suitable subscription.

Step 3 – Once your subscription is confirmed, you will get an m3U link from the service provider that is vital for the connection of the content hub to your device.

Step 4 – You should save the link in your device using a setup box or an android media player.

Step 5 – You should choose the channel or program you want to see. 

Step 6 – The content will be delivered within a few minutes.

Step 7 – You can rewind, pause, and play the video as you like if it is a video on demand.

Types of video formats in IPTV

IPTV consists of videos of three formats as below,

  • Live television – You can watch the television programs of all the broadcasting channels around the world. There will be live programs with or without interaction
  • Time-shifted programs – You can record and view the programs you have missed
  • Video on demand – You can view a program whenever you request it. 


An IPTV is one of the useful inventions regarding entertainment and information technologies. It allows a user from one end of the world to seamlessly connect with the programs and channels of the other end just at the expense of internet charges. Apart from entertainment purposes, IPTV is used in various business entities to communicate within the property that increases efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

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