What Results are Producing Chatbot Marketers?

The expansion of chatbots can be seen on every chatting platform but most importantly on the biggest like Messenger where you can implement features like providing an option for your customer to make a purchase. That is one small thing in a sea of possibilities when it comes to smart programs. The biggest advantage is in doing marketing and customer service. You will need to know how to get one and then implement methods that you need for your business. Get more information through sites like: https://smartbotmarketers.com 

Most of them can be seen on the website the business owns as a support for people that need basic information like logging in or getting basic information about the company and how to contact them. For further information, you will need a much smarter AI bot that can be expensive for some but can do a lot more. Once you get your own bot, you should consult with the person who made it on tricks to increase sales.

Social Media and AI

One of the biggest social media websites is Facebook which has a growing number of bots used by companies to do remarketing or promote their products or services. The results are much better then what your agent can do because you can save a lot of time which is usually equal to money. Some show around 30 to 40% in sales increase but it depends on what industry your company operates.

For firms that still haven’t adapted to these changes, there are a few ways to implement it and adjust it to your clients. Most companies will have an IT firm program the chatbot. The competition is very tough so you should find a trusted source by asking others that have proven results. Most people don’t know that over 2 billion messages are passed between customers and bot in one month on Facebook and this number is growing rapidly. Click here to read more.

Adjusting the Bot to Your Clients

The first thing you will need to implement in the program is the content it will display to your customers when they ask a question. If you have a simple type of program that will help your clients and provide a fast response, then you will need to look for the most asked questions. Most websites have FAQs but customers don’t like them because they spend too much time finding the right question for the right answer.

Information that you will need is at your customer service team that has experience with issues your consumers have. Usually, only around 10 questions will be repeated but you will have to provide a full answer that your bot will display. You can also ask your social media manager or community team. They are engaging with people on your profiles so they have a lot of valuable information. The last place to look for answers is the marketing and sales team.

Avoid Open-Ended Conversations

When implementing a tree of questions and answers you will need to focus on what conversations won’t lead to a straight answer that can be a very poor experience for the user. Most companies have this problem because their language processing software is very bad because they didn’t want to invest in the bot. When you have questions like how can we help you, there are numerous directions the conversation can lead to.

A great option is to have a menu of choices like the most common questions you get. The choices will depend on the services you provide. When a person makes a choice, then the bot will respond with an automatic reply. From that point, the bot will know where the conversation can lead and the rest depends on how complex the situation is.

Saving Old Customers with the Right Information

With new methods, people usually lose old clients because there will always be a group of people that don’t like a certain change. A good thing to do is to inform this group of people that they can get in contact with a real person whenever they like. This shouldn’t be displayed at the start because the goal is to have a bot that is humanlike.

When the person can’t get an answer they need or just ask for someone that can help them, the chatbot can recognize that can inform your agents that a client needs to be contacted. This can be used for remarketing even if the majority, over 60% will rather try to fix an issue with a bot instead of a real person or make a purchase from it.

Data and Personalization

Some of the largest companies have implemented options for the customers that cut the time of delivery or exchange of information by multiple times. Dominos’ lets you order pizza, Marriott can tell you if the room is available and Universal Studios informs you about the wait time for rides. Most firms are not that big but the trick is the same with most common questions, only the goal is to use the best details for answers.

Customers like to have details like daily deals, hours of operations or upcoming events. You should also know that data is stored and used again when needed. So, if you have a customer base that has trust in your company and you provide data-rich answers then they will be more satisfied. Depending on the bot, they can personalize the chat and implement the name of the customer and location for a better experience.

Are Customers Really Satisfied?

The answer will always depend on who your customers are. If you are focused on younger generations the answer will always be yes because over 90% of them will like to text instead of calling and also to have everything automatized. When you focus on an older generation, it is hard for them to adapt so you will need to inform them many times about your new update. For companies that just started using it, promotion is a must which can be done by mentioning it in customer support channels and advertising it on social media.

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