Why Your Business Needs Digital Signage Menu Boards

No matter the size or type of business you operate, capturing and holding your customer’s attention has become an ever-increasing challenge in today’s digital marketplace. Consumers have become used to getting their information quickly from a screen that captures their attention with pleasing aesthetics. They want their information to be current, and they want it quickly.

All of that can happen very quickly on a webpage, but what about the customers that come into your business?

Is that their experience?

Digital signage menu boards create the digital experience for brick-and-mortar establishments. They can be used to engage customers, promote your brand, educate your customers about your products and services, promote specials, provide updates, and anything else that might be beneficial to your business and bottom-line.

From a single board to multiple screens in multiple locations, one of the most significant benefits to digital signage menu boards is that they can be updated from a central location no matter how many or where they are. Think of the savings in not having your staff spend time changing signage, let alone the printing costs and time. In the case of a multiple location business, you are saving even more shipping costs and time.

Digital signage menu boards can allow you to be proactive with promotions and engaging your customers.

Digital signage menu boards are not just for restaurants. They are used by hospitals and retirement centers, schools, entertainment venues, hotels, real estate, and more.

You may choose to do it yourself.
Open source software exists which you can download for free. You may already have some of the equipment you need, but you will likely need to purchase additional hardware and technical assistance.
Many companies specialize in these systems. Many systems are now cloud-based, which eliminates the need for expensive hardware. That, and the support (some offer on-site support) may outweigh the additional cost.

Whatever you do, plan on spending a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the scope of your project. There may also be ongoing monthly costs with some of these platforms.
Most of these are one-time upfront expenses. The only real additional cost outside of a possible subscription is creating content. You may have someone either on retainer or staff who is qualified to do this. Content from your Facebook page, YouTube, Instagram, and custom created content can be used.
Just as with the entire system, your imagination and budget are the only limits. Again, you can do it yourself or hire a service. Go small or go huge, whatever meets your needs.

A little math should reveal that improved efficiencies and customer experience will provide a reasonable return on investment. According to Digital Signage Today you should expect that return in 6 to 18 months. The future belongs to your bottom line.

If you are battling for your customer’s attention against online competition, digital signage menu boards might just be the answer you are looking for.

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