Your Top 4 Video Brochure Questions Answered!

What is a video brochure, and how do they work?

video brochures in their simplest terms are a card-based product with either a TFT or LCD screen housed in them. They specifically have an onboard sound chip and USB memory for holding video content. These cards run on a lithium battery that is rechargeable, which is quite significant. Some of the more high-end options also allow you to change your audio visual content if needed. This content can play using autoplay or via the use of a button.

Why are video brochures so effective?

Do you need a modern, captivating way to get in front of your target audience? Generic paper mailers often get lost in the shuffle and sometimes don’t make it far past diligent company gatekeepers. In addition, in-person consultations, conferences, and tradeshows are often actually limited due to global health concerns. How do you get your message seen by your intended audience in such a unique environment? Video brochures are a modern solution to this communication problem. From the moment they’re received, they’re very hard for recipients to ignore and are highly unlikely to get thrown away. Their unique functionality makes them extremely memorable in a major way. What better way to convey your brand message than with a custom brochure with a presentation memorably highlighting your product or service?

Who should I send my brochure to?

Whoever your target audience is! These brochures have proven to be an extremely effective way to market to high-level decision-makers, which is fairly significant. Most other means of communicating with these executives are becoming more and more difficult. On the other hand, media like this provides an engaging way to make a contactless pitch to your intended audience(s).

How much mostly do they cost?

Video brochure pricing is rarely cut and dry. It often depends on a variety of factors, including the quantity of product that you order, the size, the materials, the colors, the embossing, the screen size, and the length of memory, just to name a few. The best way to determine pricing is to contact a sales representative. This particular professional can discuss your actual needs to determine what type of display will be most effective for you. Once a campaign has been decided on, they can discuss pricing options.

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