Digital Marketing: the future core of business

The future of global business definitely lies in digital marketing.
We do often get in touch with this statement: but what does exactly digital marketing mean?

Digital marketing can be defined as every possible marketing action, promotion and sale, carried out through digital marketing.


It includes a heterogeneous set of tools, activities and techniques for the marketing and promotion of goods and services throughout the web: digital advertising, like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, paid promotions; SEO, Search Engine Optimization, the study of keywords to improve the indexing of a site on search engines, the e-mail marketing, affiliations programs, co-branding, product placements and so on. Just as much as the offline marketing, its main goal is to understand and satisfy the wishes and the needs of market’s demand: studying user’s behaviours through digital channels and new technologies.

We often hear about digital marketing, web marketing, social media marketing, like they are all the same thing; since they are all recently born terms, people tend to get puzzled by them.

We can simply say that digital marketing encompasses web marketing and digital media marketing, that are two specific branches of digital marketing. Let’s have a look at their tasks and purposes.


Differences between web marketing and social media marketing

Web marketing points at all those activities gathered around a web site.
In particular, the main and essential activities to maximize the visibility and success of an online brand are:

– SEO: Search Engine Optimization, optimization of site visibility on the main search engines;
– SEM: Search Engine Marketing, the creation of display ads, for websites, or textual, for search engines;
– E-mail Marketing: sending informative or promotional e-mails to customers or potential customers;
– web analytics: the study of web data for digital strategy planning in order to gradually improve their overall digital marketing activity.

Google and all its algorithms and features are the basis of every web marketing activity, which cannot be separated from a careful and detailed study of them.

The social media marketing activity instead involves all marketing actions relating to social networks, personal or business, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and lately also TikTok.

From a trade-related point of view, the rise and spread of social networks have revolutionized the online market by providing the largest and most detailed profiling database, thanks to which marketing can analyse and understand target audience, organizing increasingly targeted and customized communication strategies

The activity of social media marketing rules the first steps of inbound marketing, capturing customer attention through engaging posts, sponsorships and social advertising, which guarantee the awareness of a brand.

It also boosts possible customers to visit the brand’s website in order to deepen its knowledge and, perhaps, buy and turn them into customers.


Digital marketing business is not everyone’s business

The job of digital marketer gets too often underestimated. Butinfact it can’t be faced by everyone: it requires many technological, economic, social and also psychological skills to identify oneself with the customer. Not to mention the necessity of keeping up with the latest IT and technological innovations.

Eventually our advice is to entrust sector’s professionals the company marketing and to stay clear from freelancers, self-taught marketers and even yourself: the future and success of your business can depend on digital marketing, don’t let anyone play with your money and time.

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