Easy Ways To Draw Attention Of Users To A New App Feature

New app feature is designed to increase its scope. Apps are not made fully self-sufficient in all ways. Sometimes, intentionally and at others unintentionally. App grows with the time and in accordance with user response. It is the responsibility of product manager to sniff the user mood and need and introduce feature, obviously without adding much to the overall cost. Mostly, the features are introduced to make the best use of resources lying idle or to maximize the performance of resources in use. For example, making a taxi service available for food delivery work is ideal example of utilizing the vehicle network for diversified purposes.

Some of the easy ways to bring attention to new feature in an app are:

  1. Contextual appearance: A user behavior based algorithm used in development of feature adoption software pops up the feature exactly when the user needs it. The feature is designed to solve a problem and when the customer is right in the middle of that problem, providing assistance can certainly win you a loyal and happy user.
  2. Guide based on user behavior pattern: Apart from giving solution when needed, guiding users about the new feature basis the way they use the product is important too. It does not interfere with the familiarity of the product and certainly does not look like a new task to crack. Easy walk-throughs with the help of feature adoption software is conforming quite closely to this rule.
  3. Nudge passively to streamline experience: A nudge about the feature in a passive manner can intimate user about it, establish it within ecosystem and does not interfere with the user experience as well. With correct tools in hand, it can ensure mingling with the app personality as well.

So, being clear, loud and user-friendly is the correct way of introducing the feature. Adoption software for feature introduction helps with the methods mentioned above.

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