How the Self-Parking System Works

Parallel parking has been a big problem for a lot of drivers, but with lots or spaces limited in densely populated cities like New York or Los Angeles, squeezing your vehicle into a small space is a crucial skill every driver needs to learn. It is usually not an easy task and if not done correctly, it can lead to massive traffic jams, bent venders, scratched car paint or frazzled nerves.

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The good news is, modern technology has a practical answer – self parking vehicles. Imagine finding a perfect space, but instead of having problems maneuvering your truck back and forth, you can just push a button, sit back and watch your car park on their own.

The same technology that is being used in these automobiles can be used in collision avoidance systems and self-driving automobiles. Car manufacturers are starting to advertise their self-parking vehicles because they can sense an increase in demand from the consumers.

Parallel parking is usually the most feared part of any driver’s test, and it is something most people have to do sooner or later. People who are living in big cities do it almost every day. Removing the stress, uncertainty and difficulty of this task is very captivating.

Self-parking vehicles can also help people solve some of the traffic issues in a densely populated area. Usually, parking an automobile in space is confined by the driver’s skill when it comes to parallel parking. These types of cars can fit into difficult-to-maneuver spaces compared to actual drives that can manage on their own.

It makes it a lot easier for people to look for a vacant parking space and allows the same number of automobiles to take up fewer parking spaces. When people parallel parks, they usually block at least one lane of traffic for a couple of seconds, sometimes minutes.

If the drivers have serious problems when it comes to getting the right spot, it can last for a couple of minutes and can severely disturb traffic. Finally, the difficulty of doing parallel parking can lead to a lot of minor scratches and dents. This type of technology can prevent a lot of accidents and mishaps.

It can also save car owners a lot of money since they will not have to worry about their insurance claims for any parking-related damages. This technology is usually used in situations like parallel parking. It requires vehicles to park parallel to the road’s gutter, in line with other automobiles parked on the street.

A lot of people need about five to seven feet more space compared to the total length of their car to parallel park successfully. Although there are drivers who can do it with less space. To do this, the driver needs to follow these simple and necessary steps:

Pulls ahead of the area; stop beside the vehicle in front of your car.

Turn your car’s front wheel towards the gutter, backs into the small space, going on a 45-degree angle.

When the front wheels are even with the rear wheel of the vehicle in front, straighten the front wheel and back up slowly.

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While checking the rearview mirror to make sure that you do not come too close to the vehicle behind, make sure to turn the wheels away from the curb to swing the car’s front end into space.

And lastly, you need to pull forward and backward until the car fits in the space or until it is one foot away from the gutter.

Self-parking automobiles that are currently sold on the market are not entirely automated, but it makes parallel parking a lot easier. Drivers still regulate the speed of their car by pressing and releasing the automobile’s brake pedal. As a matter of fact, the auto’s idle speed is enough to park it without pressing the accelerator.

Once the process starts, the computer system will take over the wheels. The vehicle moves forward beside the car on the front. A signal will let the driver know when to stop. After that, the driver will shift the auto into reverse and slowly release the brake pedal to start moving backward.

Using the steering system, the computer will turn the wheel and maneuver the auto into the vacant space. When it has backed into the available space, it will send a signal to let the person on the steering wheel know that they need to step on the brake pedal and start moving forward.

The auto pulls forwards as it adjusts the wheels to maneuver into the available space. A final signal will tell the person on the steering wheel when the procedure is complete. Various computerized self parking systems have multiple ways of sensing objects around the automobile.

Some have small sensors around the rear and front bumpers, which act as a receiver and a transmitter. The sensors transmit various signals, hit the object around the auto and reflect it to the sensors. The computer box then uses the amount of time it will take for the signal to return and calculate the exact location of the object.

Other systems have small cameras mounted on the rear and front bumpers or use small radar-like equipment to detect the objects. Whether you use sensors, cameras or radars, the result is the same: they help detect other objects surrounding the vehicle, including other autos, as well as to detect the vacant space and the curb.

Another development in this industry is the use of wireless technology to connect vehicles to each other. If one automobile detected a slippery condition, the vehicle behind it could receive information to slow down. The traction control system can also be used.

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Not only that, but the system can also detect any traffic conditions by tracking down the speed of the automobiles around it and suggest an alternate route. While these kinds of systems seem like an unnecessary luxury at this moment, but the truth is, the system in the future and the next step to automotive technology evolution.

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