NetBase Social Media Analytics and Its Next Gen AI

Social media analytics involves a wide range of technologies. It must account for local and global trends. Compounding matters is the constant pressure put on businesses by emerging technologies. Among the most impactful is artificial intelligence (AI). NetBase is a company that is at the forefront of emerging technologies in the field of social media analytics. It incorporates a next generation AI that promises 2X better results over currents solutions.

About NetBase

NetBase prides itself as a business leader. It connects businesses to consumers through the analysis of social media. The company has been recognized by Forrester, TrustRadius and G2 Crowd. Customization is at the heart of the solutions that it provides. It can achieve where other companies cannot because of how it employs next generation AI. While many companies see AI as a novelty, NetBase understands that its deep learning solutions has revolutionary potential for raw data. NetBase clients not only get a customizable out-of-the-box solution, but also a support staff to help get started and maintain operations. By working together with clients in this way, NetBase can meet any business need of social media analytics.

Find Out how to Put Customers First

Consumers still drive the economy. This will remain true in a free market regardless of the level of analytics and AI that are employed. A company’s repeat customers have formed a special bond with a brand. It is for these reasons that businesses and marketing professionals seek to gain a deeper understanding of their most valued consumers. This also applies to customer acquisition and brand image.

There are a few keys that go a long way toward understanding what drives a consumer to spend on a particular brand. This includes behaviors, passions and even seemingly inconsequential preferences. All of these things are often about the experience a consumer has with a product. Many things can factor into these experiences. It is why companies choose social media analytics solutions and why NetBase invests so much into an AI that can accurately discern what is most influential.

NetBase Services

In addition to a next gen AI, here is a list of what to expect in a NetBase solution:

  • gauge relevant conversations
  • capture location-based feedback
  • compare content performance
  • establishing a better visual brand through analytics
  • stay ahead of market changes

Before anything can be done, it is important to understand the marketplace as it applies to your business. This is why it is crucial to accurately gauge conversations. Only the most relevant reactions to your brand will be needed first. Without understanding this core group discussion, application of any marketing strategy will be severely limited. Almost as important as responding to online consumers is the location of the feedback that your products receive. The Internet might exist everywhere, but consumers do not. Environmental factors can cloud analytical tools.

There are many social media analytics products out there that simply exist to offer comparisons. This illustrate how much in demand analyzing content performance is. Driven by rapidly fluctuating trends, accurately assessing performance of the lifespan of a marketing campaign is essential for business. Along these lines are remaining ahead of market changes and establishing a visual brand. Taking all of these things together can truly transform a business. It is also the making of remaining ahead of the competition.


NetBase provides solutions to take advantage of and respond to social change. It does this by understanding and leveraging AI and other innovations. Businesses gain a competitive edge with NetBase.

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