Recruitment Technology Toronto and what HR Needs to Know about It

The most time consuming part of the screening process for HR professionals is going through the applications. Smart Technology recruiting Toronto can speed that up.

IBM, GE and Hilton Worldwide are among the growing number of companies to screen, test and recruit new talent using this technology. They are all using machines to sample candidates’ work, scan social media posts and analyze their faces. An example of this: Unilever. For more than a year, the company has been used as an AI to recruit all entry-level employees. Each candidate was asked to play a neuroscience-based game that measured intrinsic characteristics, after which, each recorded an interview analyzed by artificial intelligence. Examiners where thousands of data points from video interviews are rated using AI. Some of these include vocal tendencies, choice of words, and even vocal movements. It’s been so successful, Mike Clement, Unilever VP of Human Resources North America, says the company is experimenting with similar processes for mid-career hires or surrounding internal changes.


Overall, HR is seeing a huge push to remove bias from hiring practices. Shrewd enrollment innovation can help even the odds. Specifically, it can find ways to post and describe better work. It can also help to produce questionnaires that are not biased and can help reduce the same problem when screening.

Now, a warning.

This technology can overcome human prejudice, but it can develop its own bias based on favorable characteristics or the circumstances it faced before. This is why the quality of information is so important. Simply put, if an AI system is fed “good” data, the user will see better results. If the system is fed “bad” data, expect a bad outcome. This is a concern when incompleteness in an AI report, for example, labels a candidate or employee as a poor performer. This can have catastrophic consequences for a person’s career.

As we wrote earlier, the freelance market or gig economy is booming and there seems to be no sign of a recession. It says that HR as a whole does not have the skills needed to hire this type of staff because it is something new in the space. Over time, this will change but their smart recruitment technology can help them identify the features and parameters required for certain types of remote workers. It can look through an applicant’s previous work history and work samples to see if the person is suitable for the remote location your organization offers.

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