Technology, Scarcity and Technocracy Debate

There are several who’re against technology, I’m undertake and don’t. Actually, In my opinion with technology comes responsibility too. For example just since you can drive everywhere nowadays does not necessarily mean you shouldn’t talk a stroll, jog or ride a bicycle in which to stay shape. Obviously there’s another debate about this subject that is of worth which develops from a couple of from the people of Technocracy.

Technocrat States: “Technology is only a tool you can use for that common good of. Now problems arise whenever we allow our scarcity determined values to hinder optimum technological capacity.”

For this comment, well I concur and that i do agree Technologies are good, wonderful and required to propel the species, the greater the greater, however i would undergo you that it’s and not the “cost system” causing this issue of artificial scarcity, rather the manipulation through government regulation because it creates monopolies, duopolies helping buddies control the flow of products or services. Read Smoot “The Company Side of presidency.” True “Free Markets” increase efficiency of technology and therefore the cost product is symbiotic with technology and innovation to return.

Same with it truly the “cost system” the reason for or even the artificial manipulation. Also, understand that the patent system although an incorrect scarcity making purposeful and mandated system, really propels technology because it enables profit making and therefore more capital sources. When new technology involves market in a greater cost it provides older technologies serious amounts of adapt to or contend with or innovate.

This enables the disruptive technology to earn money and enables for change over. Manipulating the speed of technology to promote or allowing transfer technologies to go in when needed does help in catastrophic immediate job loss. If Technocracy, promotes increases in technology they’ll also suffer from altering job groups whether we’re to make use of the present cost system or perhaps a productivity plan you realize.

These problems with technology are trouble with any system that’s in position, not just having a “cost system” economy. Actually a cost system economy may indeed become more suitable for handle disruptive technologies than the usual system according to productivity credits requiring to create rules to support the machine as technology increase at faster rates in to the civilization or society.

Eventually EVERYTHING is going to be automated, everything. Agriculture, manufacturing, retail, education, city services, police, military, government and AI computers can create we’ve got the technology too. So my only real question is why do you want humans? That’s a frightening question, much scarier than any “cost system” manipulations, that are derived directly because of human instinct and therefore serve human instinct through desire and intrinsic valuations.

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