Top 3 Mods for Suzuki Boulevard M50

When you’re powering down the road with your Suzuki Boulevard M50, few things can stand in your way. However, even the powerful muscle and horsepower of this cruiser can use a tune up. Find out how you can use the Top 3 Mods for Suzuki Boulevard M50 to upgrade your horsepower, improve your fuel economy and impress the neighbors. Check out the best aftermarket and OEM parts to keep your cruiser running efficiently.

  • Premium Exhaust

An exhaust system is the first step in modifying your cruiser. The Suzuki Boulevard M50 already comes with an impressive slash-cut muffler, but a premium upgrade can offer even more horsepower and deep growl. Choose between a slip-on exhaust, new tail pipe and muffler or a complete exhaust system replacement to personalize your ride.

A slip-on exhaust is a cost-effective and convenient way to modify the sound and exhaust capabilities of your muffler. However, some slip-on exhausts may not be suitable for your Suzuki Boulevard M50. A full system is a great alternative if you’ve been riding long, hard years and your pipes are looking a bit worse for wear. Replace any rust-out exhaust pipes with sleek, new ones to hit the road in style.

  • Replacement Air Filter

Your Boulevard may have an impressive V-twin engine, but even the most powerful engine needs some breathing room. If you’ve seen a drop in your fuel economy, horsepower or overall performance, it’s time to check your air filter. You can only knock out an air filter so many times before it needs to be retired.

Check out the latest aftermarket parts for Suzuki Boulevard M50 and grab an aftermarket air filter for race-ready performance. A leading air filter offers you improved airflow, which can greatly increase the overall performance of your engine. Not all air filters are built the same. Premium alternatives can last longer, improve airflow and still fit just as comfortably as your OEM air filter.

  • Street Tires

Your Suzuki Boulevard M50 was born for street cruising. Take advantage of this dynamic style and pick up specialized tires today. Whether you need all-weather tires for snow-covered back roads or you’re looking for top-of-the-line street tires, invest in some new rubber for your bike.

A new set of tires can improve the safety and comfort of your ride, and also give you better handling and fuel economy. Choosing the wrong tires for the road can result in loud, bumpy sounds and poor fuel efficiency. If you know you’re only taking your Boulevard M50 for a spin on highways and main roads, then select a pair of tires that specialize in what your cruiser does best.

For the best prices and a huge selection of genuine Suzuki parts and other cheap motorcycle aftermarket parts, shop online today. Be sure to use a website that allows you to search based on the make, model and year of your bike for efficient shopping and confident purchases. Once you’ve purchased these and other excellent mods for your cruiser, it’s time to hit the open road and see what your Suzuki is made of.

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