Understand the term crop in image editing

Photographers are people who have mastered the craft of photography. They know every angle, composition tricks, lighting techniques, etc. to click good pictures. However, there are times when even after your efforts you do not get the desired result. The image appears dull or it lacks certain elements that can make the picture more vibrant. The thing that is missing in the pictures is editing. Almost every photographer uses photo editing to get the desired outcome. Editing allows you to fix photo.

Why should cropping be used in editing?

Cropping is a simple technique that can make a huge difference in the picture. It is one of the easiest ways of editing pictures. It is not necessary that you use high-end photo editing techniques to improve the final outcome of your image. Simple cropping can do the work with creating any destruction in the image. Cropping can be used to enhance the composition of the image. Cropping allows you to eliminate unwanted elements from the picture. As the unnecessary elements are eliminated the focus automatically shifts to the main subject. It also creates more dramatic effect that can leave maximum impact on the minds of the viewer.

How to crop an image?

  • In order to crop a picture, you must first open the picture in an editing application.
  • Select the crop tool option available in the toolbox.
  • Once you have selected the crop tool, you must select the desired ratio that you wish to eliminate from the picture by clicking on the drop-down menu.
  • If you wish to crop pictures based on certain specific dimension you must fill the text field beside the menu.
  • Once the area is selected, drag the corners of the photos to the desired ratio to get the desired crop.
  • Click on enter key or click on the check icon to the image.

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