What is digital copywriting?

The term ‘digital copywriting’ refers to copywriting which is translated into the digital space. The main difference between digital and traditional copywriting is SEO.

Digital copywriters need to write copy which is SEO-optimised. What this means is that the contest is recognised by search engines such as Google, and Yahoo. This copy is used to rank higher in organic searches, which brings more visibility and traffic to a company’s website.

Although copy is super important when it comes to getting your website to rank highly, here are several other factors, which you need to put into place, which influence this:

A Secure and Accessible Website

You need a URL that Google’s bots can reach easily and crawl. Google must be able to visit the URL and examine the content of the page to begin to understand the subject matter of the page. To assist the bots, you’ll require:

  • A website that is created using a well-coded website builder
  • A robots.txt file which informs Google where it can – and is not able to – look for your site information
  • A sitemap, which is a file that lists all your pages. If you have a WordPress site, it is possible to set up a sitemap using Yoast SEO. If your site’s backend is not WordPress, use an online sitemap generator.

Page Speed 

Page speed is one of the main SEO ranking factors. As Google wants to better users’ experience of the web pages that load quickly will do this. This means that they will prioritise websites that have reduced loading times. 

Mobile Friendliness

As more people use mobile devices, as opposed to desktops, to access the web Google has changed how they rank search results.

Things to look at are:

  • If you have a responsive website that resizes automatically to fit the device
  • If you’re using fonts which are large, for easy readability, on a smaller screen
  • Accessibility as well as navigability, which includes making it easy to tap menus

Domain Age, URL and Authority

Nearly 60% of the sites that have a top-ten Google search ranking are three years old or more. Exact-match domains are deemed to be relevant, valuable, and high-quality see a ranking boost. Authority matters when it comes to getting a website to rank highly. To make sure that your website is seen as authoritative, have a combination of great content and off-page SEO signals such as inbound links and social shares.


As the web is built on links which means that these are a crucial SEO ranking signal. There are three kinds of links which you need to keep in mind:

  • Inbound links,
  • Outbound links, and
  • Internal links.

Google makes use of inbound links as one of the ways to assist with determining how authoritative as well as relevant your content is. You’ve struck gold when an authoritative site includes a relevant link to your website in a related piece of their content. 

Linking to your own content can assist with tying pages together for both Google and your visitors. This makes each of your pages more valuable. If you have a page which is authoritative page, and link to another page on your website, this assist visitors with finding the other page in addition to passing on some of that authority. This process will help the second page to boost its search engine ranking.

Digital copywriting will achieve longer lasting results for your website. However, it often requires more work owing to the frequent changes in the interface and user preference. Digital copywriting is often preferred as it is more personalised and more visible as well as the fact that there is a rising trend in users and a very significant requirement for businesses to be found online.

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