Mindex: marketing Laboratory Instruments in Africa & the Middle East

Mindex are experts in the marketing of laboratory instruments in both Africa and the Middle East. The company was first established in 1984 and has since bene famous for marketing and representing world-renowned brands such as Stanhope Seta, Rigaku, Pilodist and Oxford Instruments, predominantly across Africa and the Levant. Mindex offer active market penetration as well as efficient management of export procedures, making them the go-to company for many businesses and labs. The company are renowned for their amazing knowledge of the African and Levant markets, and it is no secret that no other companies can compete.

Mindex boast many amazing qualities and services which make them stand head and shoulder above their competitors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Mindex offer installation and on-site training throughout Africa and the Levant ensuring that businesses do not have to face any long periods of business downtime due to training purposes
  • Mindex always provide the clients and customers with complete after sales support
  • Mindex specialise in international tenders where there is a huge variety of instruments and supply complete lab solutions from top brands including Stanhope Seta and Oxford Instruments
  • Mindex is one of the leading distributors of equipment for Fuel testing laboratories across Africa and the Levant
  • Mindex can supply their customers with equipment and products to suit all laboratory purposes thanks to their many world leading brand partners
  • Mindex are renowned for providing their clients with prompt, competitive and quality services
  • Mindex manage all processes for the users including but not limited to installation, training and maintenance
  • Some of the key brands represented by Mindex across the world are Stanhope Seta, Oxford Instruments, Core laboratories, OFI Test Equipment Inc, PILODIST, Zeltex, Fischione Instruments, Owlstone and Rikagu
  • Mindex serve absolutely all laboratory sectors including exploration, drilling, refining, distribution, food and education
  • Some of the key products marketed and represented include Pulsar Bench Spectrometer, H2S Analyser, Fluid Density Scale, Fuel Conductivity Meter, X-Ray Core Scanner and Flashpoint Testing Equipment

The company have provided as much information on their website making it easy for people to determine what they do and help they can enable businesses to move forward. Anyone interested in obtaining the very best laboratory equipment and products in Africa and the Levant should visit the Mindex website today where we think that they will be able to find everything that they are looking for and more. Contact details are also available on the company’s website, with the company welcoming phone calls from all with any questions or queries.

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