How to Make Pen Tests More Successful for Your Company

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Business owners need a safer network to protect their customers and data. The business network must perform as expected and follow proper security protocol. Any threats against the network must be mitigated at an accelerated rate to prevent data loss or corruption. Examining how to complete a pen test successful guides business owners. 


Start Daily Scans for Vulnerabilities


Starting daily scans for vulnerabilities helps the IT staff find problems that threaten the network. The scans generate a list of all problems, and the best fix appears next to each item. Completing the scans gives the network administrator all the information needed to improve security for the company. Scans are completed during the pen test to find issues that the administrator missed, and the consultant provides details about better ways to mitigate risks according to the type of threats revealed by the test. 


Creating Hardened Network Standards


Creating hardened network standards helps the administrators put policies in place to protect the network and guide other IT staff about what to do if they discover these issues. Standards offer better controls for the risks and enable the staff to act quickly without wasting time. The protocol is based on federal standards and new measures implemented by the administrator. Pen tests are great ways to create new policies and protocol for protecting the network. 


Start a Professional Pen Test


Starting a professional pen test gives the company owner insight into what problems emerge consistently within the network. The test shows all weaknesses and strengths of the network, its design, and the current security schemes. The findings show what changes can improve the network and streamline business operations. Pen testing helps the owner strengthen the security protocol that manages the network and data centers. Business owners find out more about pen testing by contacting a service provider such as Cobalt now. 


Setting Up a Team for Future Pen Testing 


Setting up a team for future pen testing helps the company conduct new tests down the road. The consultant trains the IT staff on how to complete the tests and when. The training programs educate the staff about how to make changes according to the findings of the tests. Pen testing is the fastest and most efficient way to find problems and mitigate them more proactively. 


Follow All Recommendations for the Consultant


Following all recommendations for the consultant helps the company implement new policies and keep their network and infrastructure safer. Consultants might recommend upgrading the software, workstations, and other equipment connected to the network. Any outdated equipment isn’t serving the business, and the business isn’t getting the most out of their network. Completing all recommended changes gives the company improved network security and peace of mind. 


Business owners need a protocol in place to prevent serious risks and attacks against the network. IT standards must be followed to prevent vulnerabilities as outlined by federal agencies. Pen tests reveal vital details about security and how the network operates. Examining the findings of a pen test shows the business owner what strategies improve network security. 

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