What Is the Character Limit for Social Networks?

Limits are necessary because they tell us when to stop or mark a line for when it is enough. Throughout this post, we will apply the limits to the characters in social networks, since many people will think that being an entertainment platform, and at the same time being tools to enhance our business ideas, give us complete freedom. Do you know what the character limit is for each social network?

You are probably confused, but I will explain why:

Every digital social platform has policies and certain rules that we must comply with, among them the so-called characters: number of words that can be thrown in a text field or description field.

What Is The Purpose Of Character Limits?

  • Each social network has limits so that all users are under the same guidelines, policies and rules. 
  • Each platform has a different personality that is related to the allowed character limit.
  • The least read posts are the ones with the most texts.
  • Many of the posts with a large amount of text tend to lose the focus of the message.
  • It is not necessary to write +600 words to be able to give a concise and precise message.

These points are some of the reasons that teach us why it is important to integrate the character limit in each social network, but now I will tell you something that, from today, you have to take into account:

Each social network has its personality and has its character limits according to its purpose.

The Character Limit on LinkedIn

Here you are a professional! It is a social platform focused on professionals, companies and businesses. Allowing each person to create a professional profile describing their work experience, skills, tools, website, etc. Even catapultrevenue.com rate this social network highly. 

If we have to make comparisons, it is as if it were your digital CV but included in a platform. All this to expand the network of contacts and achieve job offers among potential professionals and companies worldwide.

Your limit: 1300 characters

The Character Limit on Instagram

The best social network for others to see that you really are good and that you are also able to prove it!

We continue with one of the most powerful platforms so far, as it has captivated us with its versatility and innovation of tools to make the user not want to leave it. Rather, we spend hours and hours enjoying a walk on Instagram as if it were a walk in the real world.

Through this platform, entrepreneurs and owners of their businesses, influencers, consultants, bloggers and anyone else they want, have been able to find the perfect balance between: “showing a good image” and “telling a good story through caption “.

This consists of a perfect union that will allow you to take the lead in this social network that has optimized the business idea of ​​many, and in turn by using good strategies to achieve and consolidate the best positioning.

You have to be very careful and learn to describe the best captions for your photographs and thus make your message 100% responsive, interesting, accurate and concise.

My recommendation is that you can elaborate on the structure of your message between 5 or 6 paragraphs of 4-5 lines and combine it with emojis that are related to your message.

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