Why you should use a VPN service?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) in simple words is basically a service that enables to extend a private network across a public network and hence, facilitates it for users to share any data across the network like they would if they were all connected to a private network. The applications running on any device involved in the process hence may be benefitted from the management, security and functionality of the private network. By using a VPN service, you can ensure an encrypted connection between the server and your computer, set in any location. Listed below are a few reasons why you should opt for a VPN service:

  • Securely browse the web even while using a public Wi-Fi

We are all temped to use any free Wi-Fi we get while we are out. However, not all of us realize the dangers of it. Without a VPN your browsing is unencrypted and can be seen and used by anyone; some malware could enter your device or the free Wi-fi is just a scam to phish out your personal information. The data collected can be used for tracking your whereabouts and trap you. 

  • Provides an access to your favorite streaming video content anywhere in the world

Most of us has subscribed to a video streaming network. However, not all the networks work if you go/move out of your country. A VPN helps you connect to your home server while travelling abroad hence, making your provider believe that you’re still in the country, thus, allowing you to stream non-stop. 

  • Bypass restrictions in institutions 

The most annoying thing that happens in schools, colleges and offices is that we can’t browse entertainment websites if we are working on their Wi-Fi. They block the access to any social media or browsing websites to increase the productivity and focus of the people of the institution. It’s best VPN be used to avoid the irritation cause by the same. 

  • Helps in saving money 

It is no surprise that our information is not really private and that platforms like Amazon and other e-commerce websites are continuously tracking our needs and searches which helps them in increasing the price of the products that we really need, which is why at times we end up paying more for an otherwise cheaper product. VPN hides all this information and helps in you saving your money. 

  • Secure messaging 

Means of communication have changed pretty visibly. We have majorly shifted to online messaging applications like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram etc. and not all the messages that we send across those platforms are encrypted, hence, there is a risk of the messages getting intercepted and read. Using a VPN makes sure that those messages are secure and remain private. 

  • Beat government censorship 

There exist a numerous websites that remain blocked by the government that you might need to use. Every online action is private while using a VPN and hence, it cannot be decrypted. However, this should only be used only for important work. 

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