3 Powerful Ways To Increase Your App Store Rankings

App stores, just like any search engine, have a search algorithm that determines which applications first appear and which ones later. So, as you can guess, the first ones get a lot more downloads and popularity than the others. But, there are millions of apps in app stores. How can you get your app more visible and more downloads? Just keep reading to find the answer. ☺ 

Create Your Own Strategy

The first one is, of course, creating your strategy. Your road will be much more longer to reach the target if you don’t have a roadmap. If you don’t know where you’re going, why are you going? 

How many people would you like them to download your app? In what country you want users to download it? How much is your budget? How much do you want to get?

Determine what you want, how much you want, what you need and your other needs. 

Boost Campaigns

You want to boost your app, right? Using boost campaigns will definitely boost your app. 

The primary purpose of a boost campaign is to raise the ranking of an app in its category.

This will improve the app’s visibility to prospective customers, resulting in general downloads with an organic uplift. With the huge contributions it provides, boost campaigns are recommended to be combined with App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization

You might have heard about SEO before, which stands for Search Engine Optimization and which includes optimization practices aiming ait getting web pages rank higher than the other ones in the search pages. ASO is the mobile version of SEO. It stands for App Store Optimization and includes optimization practises aiming at getting applications rank higher than the other ones in the search result pages of app stores.

ASO includes many practises for your app such as written and visual ones. Here’s a deatiled guide for app store optimization.

Boost Campaigns and App Store Optimization will definitely help you get your app’s rank higher and higher. Bu as we mentioned above, they need to be done with a strong and correct strategy. It might be hard for you to deal with them all together. But don’t worry, thousands of applications keep rising up to the summit with mobile advertising and mobile intelligence companies such as App Samurai.   

Here is a proven case study of them of an app’s rising story. You can also get more info from their web site about mobile marketing.

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