5 important facts about VPN services!

The users are concerned about their security and looking for different ways to keep themselves secure online. There are various ways to keep you secure online but the best way is to use a free VPN service. Free VPN service has all the basic features in it to keep you secure.

There are many things about Vpn free which users don’t know. We are going to share some facts regarding the VPN which everyone should be aware of.

VPN record and use data

Mostly the VPN providers promise that they will not use the data of the user but they do monitor the activities of the users online. They retain many types of data about their users.

They clearly announce the type of data which they record in their terms and conditions which you need to read carefully. Mostly this data is used to improve their network security and service.

If you want someone who does not track anything at all, browse the internet and you will find a VPN provider which can provide you complete anonymity.

You are not completely anonymous

You will feel shocked but this is true that the VPN services don’t make you completely anonymous. Some data is still vulnerable to hackers.

Why you aren’t completely anonymous

When you sign up for the VPN, some of the information is recorded, this could be the IP address, payment information or the email address. However, they don’t reveal this information to the third parties.

Assures your online privacy

The VPN services assure your complete online privacy. They don’t give you complete anonymity but they do hide your activities from the criminals and the governments.

When you are connected with the VPN, all the traffic go through a private and encrypted tunnel. Your activities will remain completely private and no one will know what you are doing online.

Some VPN providers don’t have their own network

Some of the VPN providers don’t have their own networks. Some of the companies rent the popular hosting providers and set up their servers on them. in these cases, the hosting companies are running and maintaining the servers and the networks. However, this does not compromise your security and online privacy.

Some VPN does sell data

A service which is aimed to provide you security from the online threats does collect and sell your data to the third parties mostly to the other VPN providers which is against their user agreement.

Most of the companies offer free VPN services to the customers and sell their data to the other providers, pick a popular and trusted VPN provider to protect your data completely.

There are many wrongs believes about the VPN services but they do provide you the much-needed security. However, it is important to know these facts about the VPN providers and whether they are selling the data to any third party or not.

Choose a VPN provider with the best features to make sure that your data is not at risk while browsing online.

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