All you need to know about Hyperscape’s open beta

As you are probably aware of the new game launched by Ubisoft; Hyperscape. They released an open beta on July 12, 2020. You can just go on Ubisoft’s official website, join the beta program, and download hyperscape and play for free. It’s the newest game in town and there is too much hype around it. The requirements for this game are fairly modest. You need only 20gb of free space in the hard drive to install the game. The beta mode includes four modes: squad and Crown Rush battle royale mode, as well as two limited-time modes, Hack Runner Squad and Turbo Mode Squad.

When you are playing the new Hyper Scape open beta, engage in close-quarters, fast-paced and vertical matches to become the next global Battle Royale superstar. You can loot and fuse powerful hacks and unique weapons in fast-paced battles, and rise to become a true champion of the Hyper Scape. Hyper Scape does not have a final release date yet, but the game is lined up to launch for PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One this summer and probably for PS5 as well.

Hyperscape has a ton of new things to be hyped about. I will explain a few major ones here. The first thing you will notice when you land is that it is a total 100% urban area with no grass or decay because the game takes place in a virtual world called Neo Arcadia. And you get this new way to win, one you obviously are familiar with; the last one standing in the ring win but they have introduced the new crown system. The player to grab or hold on to the crown for 45 seconds will win, no matter if others are dead. The crown spawns near the end of the match.

Another new thing they have come up with is the unique weapons and rule-bending hacks. You can loot hacks and upgrade your weapon by simply looting the same weapon more than once. You can also use an aimbot or a wallhack for Hyperscape to ensure your victory but using a real hack comes at its price. 

They have really worked hard in making this game different from other games in the battle royale genre. They have this whole new ghost spectating thing going on. Their approach to death is that instead of just watching or spectating other players, you can actually remain on the map as a ghost and walk freely anywhere. But you can’t interact freely with the world. To resurrect, you need to find a restore point that appears where players died. As a ghost, you can ping incoming enemies allowing teammates to successfully ambush.

As the match progresses, the map will actually start disintegrating in sections. There are a total of 9 districts and each one will begin to decay slowly. Buildings will start turning gray and the land below you will be erased slowly as you sprint to the safe zone. It’s a much more interesting and innovative idea than a shrinking circle.  

According to me, Ubisoft may need to reveal some new features to score well in the battle royale genre. It’s free to play and I think that it’s worth giving it a shot.

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