Should You Just Revise An Old Website Or Create A New One?

Finally taking the step towards the future and optimizing your website to get into online marketing? That’s amazing news, one where an SEO agency Washington located experts are eager to help. Before jumping onto the online marketing and SEO bandwagon, it is best to consider whether your old website is better off revised or if creating a new one is the better decision.

Understandably, this can be a hard decision to make, especially if you’re new to the world of SEO optimization. To help you make a better, smarter, and right decision based on your website needs and goals, here are a few factors to weigh:

#1 – Does The Current Website Meet Modern Standards?

This can be hard to factor because what constitutes “modern standards” can differ, depending on the SEO company you are working with. As a standard, simply check if the old website uses stock photos, bad fonts, and contrasting colors, a simple revision might fix the problem.

However, if the entire website takes too long to load, hasn’t been updated in more than 5 years, and isn’t mobile-friendly, it might be time to consider letting the pros at the SEO agency Washington create a fresh new website. After all, in the age of technology having a well-designed and easy to access website is a must.

#2 – Is The Website Intuitive And User-Friendly?

Nothing is more frustrating than navigating through a website that takes you around in circles only to find nothing. A good way to determine whether a website needs to be built from scratch is how intuitive it is for visitors. There is no need to have several subcategories under one subcategory because this only makes things messier and confusing for the visitor.

When creating a new website focus on the journey of the visitor. You want to lead them through different categories much like when they are shopping in the grocery. A well-designed new website will be intuitive to use and super user-friendly that customers will enjoy exploring each category without feeling frustrated at all.

#3 – Is Content Easy To Locate?

It is a fairly common mistake for old-school website designers to leave the content searching for the visitors. While that might have been okay back in the day, today’s website viewer no longer has the patience to scroll through page after page just to look for the content they want.

As mentioned before, it is key to create a website where you (the brand) is the one leading viewers to where you want them to go, not let them navigate aimlessly. If your current website is a mess of random tabs, subcategories, and overly large images, it might be easier to scrap the old and design a new website from scratch.

A Website Is An Investment

Business big and small must all have a website. Without one, it can be very hard to compete and keep up with your competitors. A well-designed website isn’t just appreciated by Google’s algorithm, it is also a bit plus for visitors who want to learn more about your brand before becoming a paying customer. It is their first impression of your brand, so make it a good one!

At Tessa, we combine the latest technologies and proven strategies to help push your brand to the top. If you need an SEO agency Washington, contact us today!

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