Rugged Tablets – Benefits and Advantages

Over the past few decades’ technology has come on leaps and bounds, with many businesses now relying heavily on technology of some sort. Technologies are constantly updating, and one thing that has become apparent is the need of tougher equipment such as the Intrinsically Safe Tablet from Mobexx. After all, a simple dent or stop and devices can cause real problem for workflows therefore these devices now have to be as strong and robust as possible.

Rugged tablets have recently become incredibly popular, with more and more businesses, within a wide array of industries purchasing them every day to cater for their business needs. This being said it is still apparent that many people do not know about rugged tablets, never mind the great advantages and benefits that they offer. This is why we are here today – To provide you with a list of what we consider to be the top three advantages of rugged and ATEX tablets.

Benefits of Rugged Tablets

Lowers total costs –

Some businesses that actually need strong and robust computing solutions shy away from rugged tablets believing that they are incredibly expensive. However, although the cost of rugged tablets is slightly more than your average tablet cost, they are designed to last much, much longer and can therefore actually enable business to save costs on technology.

Increase employee productivity –

A benefit that you should not disregard when thinking about rugged tablets is that they can work to increase employee productivity.  Devices fail routinely, and that certainly happens in the field, especially when you are using non-rugged technology. With the right user training and a stronger device such as a rugged tablet that’s built for the field, you can expect those failures to happen far less frequently, allowing for employees to focus on other, more important tasks.

Flexibility –

Rugged tablets offer businesses a lot of flexibility. For example, you can equip them with RFID scanners for onsite inventory or credit card scanners for instant customer payments.


Any businesses now considering investing in rugged tablets for their businesses and employees, or with any questions that they would like to ask, should contact Mobexx today. Mobexx is the UK’s leading supplier of rugged and ATX desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, offering all of the highest quality products at the industry’s most competitive prices. The company are friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable, able to answer any questions that people have in relation to rugged computing and able to guide their customers and clients in making the best decisions based on their individual businesses needs and objectives. The company have all of their contact details displayed on their website, so anyone looking to get in touch should simply visit the Mobexx website now.

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