Social Media Future Trends for 2020

Social media has already become massive, and is important to many businesses, however in 2020 social media is set to becoming even more important, therefore all companies, regardless of size or industry, are now being urged to ensure that they are utilising as many social media platforms as possible to their advantage.

Social media is constantly changing, bringing out new features and tools, and therefore it is important that companies not only understand the importance of having accounts and pages, but also that they know how they can be best be used for internet marketing purposes. Today we are here to discuss some of the hottest and newest social media trends, with the ultimate intention of allowing as many businesses as possible to gain a greater understanding so that they can get the most out of social media for their individual companies… Here goes:

You can expect the following things for social media next year, therefore it is a good idea for you to adapt your social profiles to cater for them:

  • Increased privacy and security – Social media providers are now going through major updates and renovation in terms of data management
  • More and more video content – Social platforms are now altering their algorithms to preference videos when they are ranking for content
  • Heavy focus on AR technology – Future uses for AR technology on social media include AR live events, AR videos, creation of brand awareness and enhancing of buying experiences
  • To become the primary source of news information – 50% of internet users do hear the latest news through social media without even having to visit news websites
  • The option to do more things – This could include things like paying for products and services using their own cryptocurrency, with Facebook already using Libra
  • High engagement levels – Next year business will definitely notice that posts get ranked better and reach more people when they are engaging and have active engagers commenting and sharing
  • More chatbots and other automated services – More and more human-like features are now being implemented on social media platforms, including but not limited to chatbots and automated replies
  • Rising number of podcasts – The number of podcasts on social media is constantly growing, and now is a great time for businesses to get started, giving them a head start
  • The sharing of short and sweet information – Short-type information such as stories, IGTV or any kind of short duration, entertaining social media information will be preferred more in 2020
  • More E-commerce companies selling directly from their social pages and profiles Social media platforms will definitely release more useful features to support this

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